Join us for the 2nd Annual AgTech FoodTech Summit @Borchardt

If you are in Berlin, we have recently enjoyed an incredible week of food during Berlin Food Week. In reflection, it became clear to us that people like to know where their food is coming from.  During the House of Food which took place at Kaufhaus Jandorf there were more than 70 Berlin food startups, manufacturers, and small producers presented their products. There were delegations from Deutsche Startups Food und FoodTech Platform  (Fitby, Beets & Roots, Lactojoy, Cell Garden, Flowtify, Philosoffee, Buah, Swarm Protein, Berlin Organics, and Farmers Cut) as well as other delegations from the Sustainable Food Academy and more. 

The emergence of food and foodtech is everywhere. New food products utilizing modernized manufacturing and technological advances are in abundance and are here to stay. Companies such as Kellogg's, Danone, Nestle, Campbell's, Edeka and more have founded venture funds, platforms,  and innovation divisions to scout and provide healthy solutions for consumers.  Amazon just purchased Whole Foods in the United States and is making healthy food more accessible for all.  by founders quite frequently and the world should know about their products and services.  This is why we have taken an interest in organizing the AgTech FoodTech Summit. We bring together industry experts, retailers, corporates, venture capitalists and founders to learn, discuss and identify solutions for the future of food. This year we have managed to identify and program some of the most dynamic voices in the areas of technology, research, retail, venture and entrepreneurship.  We have managed to diversify and disrupt the silos which we are seeing emerge around the topic of food.  Those in attendance will hear about the future of food from the voices of: 36 males, 20 women, 24 founders, 13 countries, 6 investor groups, 4 corporate entities and 3 governments.  We care about our community and do our best to provide diverse perspectives as it relates to a topic dear to all of our hearts. Join us for panels, great conversations, new collaborations and more.... Hope you can join us.. Here is a discount for a ticket..

Some highlights of the conference include participation from the following:

-#Opening Remarks Christian Rickerts Permanent Secretary (Berlin Senate Department for
Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises)

- #Health: Nutrition and the Future of Food (Opening Keynote)  Prof. Dr.
Hannelore Daniel - Chair of Nutrition Physiology (TUM)

- #Opportunity: For the Love of Italy, Cross Border Food and Wine Imports  Francesco Leone - Head of Economic and Trade Department (Embassy of the Italian Republic in Germany)

- #Insights: How to Create Value with AgTech - A Birds Eye Perspective Jan
Philipp Martini - Consultant (Boston Consulting Group)

#Sustainability: The Intersection of FoodTech and Corporate
Louise König - Sustainability Manager (COOP Sweden) "Sweden's Top Sustainability Manager of the Year"

- #Voices: Women in Food and Beverage (Panel Discussion) 
Moderator: Jewell Sparks (BiTHOUSE GROUP)
Panelists: Susanna Glitscher (Berlin Food Week), Louise König (COOP), Anne Seubert (Brands & Places), Sharon Citrone (Seeds & Chips), Shani Leiderman (INFARM), Sophie Clark  (UBM),  Katharina Kurz, (BRLO), Daniela Zimmermann (Katana)

- Sustainability: Natural Circular Systems for Food & Agriculture
(German) Dr. Ingeborg Schwenger Holst - CEO (Brainstep)                                                                                                      
-#Resources: FoodStarter Connect Gerardo Navarro Suarez - Software Engineer (EDEKA Food Tech),  Andrea Stenz - Geschäftsführerin (Ände)

- #Disruption: How We Utilized Data to Disrupt the Food Supply Chain Nils Herrmann - VP Operations (HelloFresh)

- #FounderStories:A World Without Hunger Felix Leonhardt, MD purefoods (Lycka)

- #InnovBev Slow Wine : The Art of Sustainable Wine Making (German), Holger Schwarz (Viniculture), Sven Leiner (Leiner),  Emmanuel Rosier (Sommelier), Jewell Sparks (BITHOUSE GROUP)

- #ChefStories: Changing Dynamics of the Consumer Palate Christopher
Kümper (Berliner Meisterköche - “Newcomer of the Year”), Thomas Kammeier (Gastronomy Director -EUREF and Author), Dirk Biedermann (EUREF)